Kill-A-Watt Meters are easy to use meters that check the electric usage on your appliances, from washing machines to computer games.  Their accuracy is within .2% and using this meter helps you identify the real energy abusers in your house.  In conjunction with the Chautauqua Citizen’s Respond to Climate Crises, you can now borrow one of these meters at Darwin R. Barker Library.  All you will need is a valid library card and you can see where your energy use could be improved with more efficient appliances.  For more information on energy conservation please check out the Chautauqua Citizens Respond to Climate Crises at  If interested in obtaining a meter, just stop by Barker Library during regular library hours and check out a Kill-A-Watt-Meter.

Kill-A-Watt Meters are Here and ready for Circulation!